All the butts


I’ve been wanting to do something like this for weeks, and with the help of one of Barbalarga’s turian multiplayer head stickers for a base form I finally got this done!!!

The markings, planets and colonies here come from the game, myself and other author/artists who’ve done a damn beautiful job growing this universe for me.  The first pic is all markings from the Hierarchy worlds and the second is Outworlds.  Titles are city/colony and planet, save the two that are just planets because the tats are from unnamed outposts rather than proper cities.

The markings for Cipritine, Invictus, Vallum, Borena and Deperitus all come from Mass Effect proper, though the fleshing out of the last two comes quite strongly from MisfireAnon and Smehur.  Ageyptus and Parthia are mine, and Carcosa comes from Anonymous Moose.  Their work is glorious and you should read it ^^